Thursday, April 10, 2008

What to post?!!

Been thinking about topics to post in here, but seems like my brain is not functioning very well today. Probably been thinking a lot about my certain topic for me to report on our upcoming workshop at work, or probably i'm just upset cause i missed FedEx this afternoon, i didn't even noticed the paper they left at the door knob till my husband comes home and notice it. FedEx suppose to deliver my train tickets from Amtrak, but unfortunately they need my signature and i wasn't here at home to sign it. Darnnn!! Now, i have to wait for them tomorrow again from 10:30am till 3:00pm, and my friend Annabelle and I planned to go out tomorrow for the day. I'm just going to call her and who knows FedEx will deliver it early. I'm sure we can still go out (crossed fingers)...

Anyways, i know i've got 2 tags from sis Dezz and from sis Ice, i will do that as soon as possible. But, for now i'm just *so not happy* cause the linker here in my blog is not showing and i hope the sites/URL from my friends will show up again so i can just make a blogroll here and erase the linker thingy.


balidreamhome said...

check this out when you're feel idle

Vincent Bautista said...

elow! If you have the time, could you please update My Nurse's Notes to Angel in the Sickroom and the URL is

The name is quite long hehehe.
I've already added you to my links. Thanks and have a great week!^_^

-Jackie- said...

hello cha how r u?ana jud ning kinabuhi s blgger kutaw ang utak hehehe maski unsa na lng ipost basta di lng mkasakit s uban fights na

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