Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Finally purchase a ticket!!

I just purchased a ticket in Amtrak scheduled to depart on the 16th of April, 6:10am and arrives in Los Angeles, Union Station (LAX) at 8:50am. It's a round trip ticket costs $78.00 plus the fee for the mailing delivery costs about $15.00. It's kinda early though but i just don't want my husband to be late for his work. He has to drop me at the train station and probably stayed with me there till the train arrives. It'll be weird travelling alone, especially without my husband. It's the same feeling when i came back here in the US from my trip in the Philippines. I just talked to my aunt lota ( my mama's older sister) and she'll be the one to pick me up at the station. It's also the same arrival date of my uncle jong's ( my mama's younger brother) wife from New Jersey, whose been working there as an RN in the Nursing Home. Well, u probably thinking how come my Uncle is in L.A while her wife is in New Jersey?? Long story, so dont ask!! LOL... I also just found out that my cousin Laicah, 22 and her boyfriend Justine, 25 is finally getting married this monday, April 14. My cousin said it's just a simple ceremony with the family, too bad they couldn't wait for me!!! tsk tsk tsk.

Around 4:00pm, i called my mama at home and asks about their 30th year anniversary party at our house. She said it was a lof of fun, everybodys' there and all are having a good time. They just didn't take any pictures cause my brother Ritchie forgot to charge the camera. What else is new Ritch?! He always forgot to charge that thing.. but, im glad they they enjoyed the party, thats all it matters to me.

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