Monday, April 7, 2008

My parents 30th year anniversary!

Today, April 8 (Philippine time) is my parents 30th wedding anniversary. I just talked to my papa on the phone while he's at work. I know he's busy cause i can hear phone ringing and people talking at the background while we're talking. My papa is a Civil Engineer/Supervisor in Holcim Philippines in Luga-it, Misamis Oriental where my brother Ritchie works. He's been working there for 25 years or more and planning to retire next year. I was trying to call my mama at home but unfortunately i couldn't get hold of her, she texts earlier telling me that my grandmother is at the hospital since this morning so she needs to be there with the helper and asks me if i can call back later when she's home. My grandmother has been In and Out of the hospital cause of her condition, and i'm praying that everything is okay. Anyways, i'm gonna call back after i save this post.

30th years of marriage! Wow.. Let's face it, marriage is not for the faint of heart. You want to believe your pure love for each other will pull you through. And it does. But it ain't always pretty. My mama always telling me that to have a life long marriage, conflicts are being discussed and resolved without damaging the relationship. Love, trust, and communication are essential elements in a healthy marriage and i agreed with her. Although, there are some instances that can't be avoided in a married life, which is very normal to any couples. I admired my parents with a lot of things, the way they brought us up in a christian way of life and how strong the love and happiness they have for each other for showing us what love really means. I love them so much and i'll do everything to make them happy. My wish for them??... is to continue what they have for each other until the end of time. I want my marriage lasted for a lifetime, cause i know my parents love story will continue in me through my marriage...

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