Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cloudy day at the bay!

It was a cloudy day today with a lil bit chilly when we went to Seaport Village for the 2-hour Harbor Cruise. We thought it's gonna rain but i doubted, San Diego can't hardly have rain for many days, weeks or even months. We'll be having a lil bit drizzle tonight though said the weather forecaster in one of the Weather Channel here in San Diego.

The Cruise went well, although they divided it into two parts. The first part is touring in the Northern end of the Bay, that is towards Coronado - where you can see the site of the famous Hotel del Coronado; North Island Naval Station, some Navy/Military facilities, Point Loma Naval station - which is a nuclear submarine base; you'll get to view the location of Lindberg Field, where San Diego International Airport is located which is adjacent to the bay; there's several museum ships which includes the USS Midway - the largest aircraft carrier and the Stars of India - which is the oldest active ship. Also, not to mention the sea lions hanging around with each other in San Diego's coastal waters, which is protected in U.S waters by the Marine Mammal. The second part is going towards Coronado bridge, Petco Park, some US Naval stations.. It was actually pretty amazing, cause you'll get the chance to take pictures of the whole Coronado bridge while viewing the sites. I took a lot of pictures although some of it are kind'a blurry, but its worth it. It was also funny cause there's at least 15 - 20 Japanese tourists touring with us, they went as a group and they couldn't stop taking pictures in the same location one by one. It was annoying though cause they're blocking the view, we couldn't even see what the narrator's talking about. It was pretty crowded for the second part. But, all in all the tour turned out really well. The sun came out a few minutes before the end of the tour and both of us needs to go to the restroom... he he he!!!

It was i think around 1:30pm when we decided to go to the VIP Chinese Buffet around E street. I was in the mood for Sea Foods for lunch. Until now, i'm still full with all those foods in our plates, guess i won't be eating till tomorrow!

Here are some of the pictures we took during the cruise.


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