Monday, March 31, 2008

Work, work and work...

current mood: smiley not sure tired.

Work's busy today as usual. Hasn't change a bit. I love my work, i enjoyed being with the residents, with my co-workers and the the whole staff. There's nothing new today at work, except that i got approved for my vacation days! (which is im so excited about!) Been planning this whole thing since last month and i can't wait to see my aunties, uncles and cousin in L.A. Anyways, right now im kinda exhausted. I slept like about almost an hour after i took a shower. I just finished talking to my cousin and Uncle Jong on the phone, telling them that i might take the train in going there to L.A, it'll be much more easier for me and more comfortable compared to a bus. It's almost 10pm now and i think i've better to go bed. It'll be another day tomorrow at work.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

My cat named Meme

Meme is a 4-year old cat was given to me by my co-worker, Ofelia. She's been here with us for about 4 months now. From her first night with us, we feel in love with her. She's a friendly cat, but there are times that everytime she sees another cat outside our house, she gets mad. It seems like she felt she's being intimidated cause another cat was on her territory, but she's cute though. We've always wanted to have a cat of our own, well i'd rather have a dog though but i dont think i can take any responsibilities of having a dog here at home. Having a dog is way expensive, plus our landlord wouldn't allow us to have a dog inside the house, it'll be much trouble with all those barking and stuff. So, here's some of Meme's pictures.

A bummer day!!

Yesterday was a "not so fine day" for me, and for my husband as well, it was a long story though but lets just say that we had a little disagreements for a certain matter, which is good cause before the end of the day, we settle the problem and talked about it. Marriage life is not perfect as some people says, there's drama all the time. Disagreements, arguements are very common but it is where you can actually test the relationship how strong it is. I dont like to argue, who wants to argue anyway?? But, you cant control the situations and from there, heated dispute blows out from each other's ears. In my situation, we have open communication, we talk in heart to heart bases and from there, problems, headaches, heartaches were being solved!! Its just takes time to cool each other's temper...

Anyways, we're suppose to go to San Diego Zoo but there's a lil bit misuderstanding there, so we cancelled it. Whole morning was a bummer, seems like i dont want to do anything except lying in the couch and just go under the covers. My husband keeps motivating me to get up and do something, even mentioned to go to the Mall, Casino, Scenic Spots here in San Diego, Stores etc., just to get my butt out from the couch. But, its no use... still lazy!! I think it was around almost 2pm when i decided to go out and go to the 99 cents store, i dont know why but i like stuff that are cheap. I just dont want to spend money, would rather save it in the bank for emergency purposes. Honestly, i hate shopping. I only shop when my husband's with me or if i send Balikbayan Boxes (packages) to the Philippines for my family. I dont like to spend too much money with clothings, purses, shoes etc.. i'd rather save it.

When we went to National City, about 10 mins drive from where we live, we drop to Hollywood Music. Its a music store where you can buy CDs of our local artists from the Philippines and other electronics devices such as Magic Sing (microphones), (to those people who loves to sing and do some boogie!! LOL)., electric guitars, and others.. We have the Magic Sing already, we bought it 2 years ago. But, the thing is the microphone didnt work. I dont know exactly whats wrong with it but it just stopped working. So, we decided to bring it and have it look with the people whose working there. But, unfortunately they cant do anything about it. It's not the Cord needs replacement, its the microphone itself. They said they need to ship it to the manufacturer and probably will costs us more and so, my husband and I decided to buy a new one. Cost like about $250 without the tax. Oh well, what can i do, i love to sing!! At the end of the day, i finally concluded that i can't live without my husband. Some people says that he's a strict looking, meaning some people judge people by the way they look and with their facial expressions and how they react in a certain manner but for me he's perfect. Although, there are some other times that we can't agree in the same boat but i love him dearly. I can't imagine my life without him. All i know, is that he's a good man and i married the most kind, caring and loving person. That's all it matter to me, nothing else...

This is the Magic Sing (microphone) we just bought yesterday with 2,000 songs in it.

Convert your $$$ here!!

I found this $$$ converter in one of my friend's site while browsing her blog and i find it interesting. Well, not to all though but to those filipinos who always send money to the Philippines for their families, this converter is really helpful. U dont need to get a calculator or do the mathematic mind reader, all u gotta do is input the amount in Dollar and click CONVERT, then walllaaa!! It will appear the amount in Pesos, and the current currency in the stock market, which is pretty cool! try it... just click the link below!


blogger's life

This is actually my 2nd blog since i started my very first blog in friendster. I love to write and express what i feel, but due to some of my hectic schedule at work, and also laziness on the side, i didnt get the chance to update it for about a week now. My friends in friendster adviced me to register here where they can pay you while writing the things you like, and i find it very interesting... why not, right?? Si, i'll give it a try.

Anyways to start of, my day was alright, nothing really special today but cant help to think my upcoming vacation to L.A and Las Vegas!! I'm kinda excited to see nice places and to relax as well. Well, not the mention to see my family back there too. So, maybe next week i'll start packing up stuff and hope for the best!!

Next month, i'll be seeing my Aunt Joy, whose been working in New Jersey as an RN. Im suppose to see her there during our vacation in Philadelphia but unfortunately, other circumtances cant be avoided. So, we've just decided to see other here in California.

It's kinda late right now, im just going to wait to Payperpost site to approve my blog, then i can start posting topics/titles here in my blog. I'll try if this gonna work for me though. If it will, well money is good!!!