Friday, April 4, 2008

Harbor Cruise Excursion tomorrow!!

It's pay day today!! Wohoooo!! It's actually my days off, today and tomorrow, but i still went there to get my paycheck although its a direct deposit but still have to sign the paystab, and also had a quick meeting with my team mates for the Workshop. We only talked about what we're gonna do for the activities during and after the workshop and it went pretty smoothly.

Tomorrow, my husband and I planned to go to Seaport Village for the Harbor Cruise Excursion. It's a deluxe tour lasted for 2 hours. We planned this since last week and I'm pretty much excited about it cause you'll get to see the beauty of San Diego Bay. The ticket costs $23.00 each. Not bad huh?! We chose the 10:00am - 12:15pm. Here's the site for the Tours in San Diego Bay.

Anyways, my day went well. Its a productive one i should say. I get the chance to do some exercise, which is walking around the neighborhood. I try to eat healthy foods as much as possible and cut the carbohydrates. I haven't eaten rice for 2 weeks now, wow.. i've never thought i could survive! I ate salads most of the time, hoping to lose weight and i think i achieved it already. I'll just have to watch my food intake though and drink a lot of water. So far, i lose almost 6 pounds now, not bad for a starter huh?! LOL...

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