Sunday, March 30, 2008

blogger's life

This is actually my 2nd blog since i started my very first blog in friendster. I love to write and express what i feel, but due to some of my hectic schedule at work, and also laziness on the side, i didnt get the chance to update it for about a week now. My friends in friendster adviced me to register here where they can pay you while writing the things you like, and i find it very interesting... why not, right?? Si, i'll give it a try.

Anyways to start of, my day was alright, nothing really special today but cant help to think my upcoming vacation to L.A and Las Vegas!! I'm kinda excited to see nice places and to relax as well. Well, not the mention to see my family back there too. So, maybe next week i'll start packing up stuff and hope for the best!!

Next month, i'll be seeing my Aunt Joy, whose been working in New Jersey as an RN. Im suppose to see her there during our vacation in Philadelphia but unfortunately, other circumtances cant be avoided. So, we've just decided to see other here in California.

It's kinda late right now, im just going to wait to Payperpost site to approve my blog, then i can start posting topics/titles here in my blog. I'll try if this gonna work for me though. If it will, well money is good!!!

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