Saturday, December 1, 2007

SexBomb Dancers and EB (Eat Bulaga) Babes...

The Sexbomb Dancers

The Sexbomb Dancers were originally composed of four members upon their formation in 1999. They were background dancers for Eat Bulaga.Of the four members, only Rochelle Pangilinan remains part of the Sexbomb Girls, and is regarded as the leader because of her seniority.

The group began in November 1999 as the 'Chicken Sandwich Dancers' which was an offshoot of the Danz Focus (house dancers of Eat Bulaga). At first there were 4 (Cherri, Debra, Janice and Rochelle). The group expanded to 6 with the addition of Jopay and Aira. The group expanded to 8, 12 and 13 (during their first FHM appearance) to an all time high of 22

Former Members are JB Cifra, Michelle Reyes, AB, Natalie 'Babat' Imperial, Jane Lao, Yvette Lopez (winner of the first search for SB contest)

The Sex Bomb 2002. The Sexbomb Singers were formed that same year, and are billed as Sexbomb Girls in their shows and promotional materials. The dancers did shows under the dance albums, Sexiest Hits Series and "I Like." The Sexbomb Singers and Dancers are commonly still referred to as the Sexbomb Girls.

The Sexbomb Girls is managed by Joy Cancio, of FOCUS E Incorporated. Joy is veteran of the Vicor Dancers of the 1980's..

* Itaktak mo the sexbomb way*

The EB Babes

The EB Babes were formed after a dispute between the show's producers and the managers of the SexBomb Girls, who later left the show because of this dispute. The SexBombs later returned, but they only appear on Mondays and Fridays.. The producers of the show decided to create their own group to replace the SexBombs. The group was drafted in a 5-week reality competition, starting off with 30 girls, and ending with 10..

* Itaktak mo with the EB Babes*